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Welcome to Puzzle Pelago!

Enjoy a crafted experience with hand-made puzzles and no distractions:

  • no ads,
  • no grind,
  • and no in-app-purchases!

Economy-Sim turned Puzzle Game

Puzzle Pelago answers the question what it would look like if you turned a ware-chain based economy simulation game into a puzzle game.

Travel from island to island and help rebuild the economy that was devastated by the storm. All you have to do is to drag and drop!

Despite it's deceptively easy to use interface (it works one-handed, too!), Puzzle Pelago will surprise you with depth and challenging puzzles.

Simple, Fun Mechanics

Build production chains, simply by dragging from an existing resource or workshop.

Challenging Puzzles

Alas, the islander's do not accept crossing paths!
Can you still fit all the roads and buildings to produce what they need?

Familiar Concepts

The lumber jack produces logs, and saw mills produce planks. Puzzle Pelago plays like a ware-chain based economy sim, turned into a puzzle game.

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Puzzle Pelago will be available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and macOS. More platforms possible.

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Who's behind it?

Puzzle Pelago is a passion project and is in development part time since December 2017. You can follow developlemt progress on Twitter.

  • Christopher Mielack - Game, Art, Code
  • Daniele Coppola - Music (Soundcloud)